The Future Commissions of PHORUM

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The Future Commissions of PHORUM Empty The Future Commissions of PHORUM

Post by PHORUM on 18th January 2012, 6:39 am

Attention, comrades!

The Future Commissions of PHORUM Phorum

Phorumphorpl (Forum For People's Liberation), or just PHORUM, has been planning to become a large, expansive community, divided into "commissions". We thought we'd give our comrades some insight into the general workings of the eventual organization and structure of the group. If you have any questions or concerns, or suggestions, leave them below, or contact us. If you'd like to get involved, please apply.


The Future Commissions of PHORUM 834086916 The Future Commissions of PHORUM 834086916 The Future Commissions of PHORUM 834086916

Leadership & Our Commissions
While the "Board Administration" group controls all of the bureaucratic elements of the site; be it official debates, recruitment and welcome messages, help and support messages or maintenance inquiries, they will be primarily suited for all of that, there will be other administrative groups controlling other aspects of leading PHORUM.

The Future Commissions of PHORUM PHORPL
The commission: "PHORPL" (For People's Liberation) will be made up of the most prestigious commissioned leaders and bureaucrats of PHORUM. They will handle the higher decisions (not without the support and opinion of the community itself) to be made regarding the group's manifesto, aims, goals and mission. They serve as the "board" of the group, and the guides of our group's democratic process.

The commission: "PHORSEC" (Forum Security), comprised of Regulators, or "officers" (moderators) will assist in regulating PHORUM and keeping our community safe and healthy for all members. If you ever encounter an intolerant member or a member who has broken our Rules & Regulations manifesto, please contact a Regulator!

The commission: "PHOREIGN" (Foreign) is comprised of our external diplomats and emmissaries; members of other communities, NGO's, NPO's and movements. They are here to assist and grow our community and may be undergoing certain projects or surveys of the community's discussions. Be helpful and supportive of their mission! Remember, we are all comrades and purveyors of progress and freedom. Through unity, we will prevail.

Other commissions such as "PHOROCRACY", "PHORPLAY" and "PHORBURO" will come to fruition with due time, but not without your support. All members of the "General Assembly" are free to raise in position and join these groups, but reaching higher groups such as PHORSEC and PHORPL will be earned only with commitment and effort. We trust that all comrades of our community will work together in order to achieve our goal of education, liberation of the mind and the people, and of course; socialism.

+ Grand Commissioner
+ Grand Compadre
+ Commissioner
+ Compadre
+ Regulator
+ Emmissary
+ People's Cadre
+ Democratically Elected Grand Delegate [General Assembly "Commissar"]
+ [P] 1000 posts: Socialist People's Hero
+ [P] 0500 posts: Revolutionary
+ [P] 0100 posts: Vanguard
+ [P] 0010 posts: Comrade
+ [P] 0001 posts: Newbie

* [P] denotes a rank of prestige, and not an authoritative position of PHORUM.

Each commission will be maintained by a group of Commissioners (Official) and their Compadres (Co-Parent). This is to help stimulate progress and avoid corruption and abuse of power. Each of these appointed co-leaders of various commissions will help organize the bureaucratic elements of PHORUM. You can read their discussions in the PHORPL section, and you can also look into our internal security matters within the PHORSEC section. Whenever any major authoritative decision is to be made, rest assured that our commissions will assemble and communicate directly with the General Assembly, whereby a vote will be conducted if necessary. From that point, an official document will be written, signed and publicly displayed as a PDF.

PHORUM is, and will always be, a democracy.

Cadres, of each ideology, (Orthodox Marxism, Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, and Maoist Socialism) are designated instructors, educators and individuals who constantly expand their knowledge of their chosen ideological path. They will be appointed to regulate the associated Theory & Ideology section alongside PHORSEC, to help members achieve a higher understanding or knowledge of specific theories and ideologies.

Thank you, comrades.

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