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Our personal message to the General Assembly Empty Our personal message to the General Assembly

Post by Soviet on 19th January 2012, 10:05 am

Dearest friends, brothers and sisters; the Orthodox Marxist, the Marxist, the Marxist-Leninist, the Trotskyist and the Maoist Socialist; communists, socialists, social democrats, true freedom-fighters of the working class, esteemed members of PHORUM, all of you, who so embody the will and mind of the people:

Dearest comrades,

In the wake of the coming of a “New Dawn”, we must establish a pragmatic, unpretentious equilibrium, where a man or a woman’s genetic and intellectual self are not bitter puppet contenders upon the stage of capitalist competition, but brothers and sisters who peacefully co-exist, as we proudly march into tomorrow, following the drums of our footfalls and not the anthems, hymns and flags of our forefathers. It is not unfathomable to believe that we can be a sun rise above the past, and live in a new world where each and every human being can yield equal possibility and opportunity – a world that is ruled by the egalitarian, and not the agitator, by the free and liberated mind, and not the manipulated – a world of complete spiritual and ecological unity, where it matters not whether you are born in the East or the West, as a male or female, or both, or whether you seek romantic love and companionship with a male or female, or both, or neither, whether you are black or white or any colour or lack thereof between, whether the land you call Home or Heaven is a land of rock or cloud. And through this unity, we shall find inner meaning and inner balance. In this new world, you may choose to pray to any God, and speak those prayers in any House, or you may choose to forsake religion completely and worship yourself and humankind. For are we not one, great, cosmopolitan family, who share an identical genome that should allow for the same capacity and ability to excel? For do we not all together witness the beauty of a grand, radiant amber twilight that rests upon the world’s edge at the end of our Day?

I firmly believe that what matters most is our Voice, and if it be willing and able to shout, proud and passionate and strong and unrelenting, then we may cast away any title imposed by creed, and shed away the weight of judgment, and speak together as one, amalgamated entity! For are we not the sired progenies of the same abiogenesis? Were we not born from nuclear fire in the bellies of a thousand dying suns at our genesis? Do we not all share the same atoms, and drink the same water, and process the same minerals and vitamins and metabolize the same atmosphere; are we not elaborate constructs of carbonized proteins, made up of nuclei and a heart and a brain and millions and millions of cells? We all live, and bleed, and die.

I speak to you all, comrades, with nothing but the utmost love for humanity, and with the compassion I feel a man must embody in order to faithfully extend a hand to the lesser, and the admiration I feel a man must hold for the philosophers, theorists, intellectual leaders and heroes, the true historians and educators, warriors, revolutionaries and all the free peoples who came before I did, so he may never forget the milestones already in place, and so he may build upon them in order to erect them anew. For a man to be free, he must first cut the ropes and leashes of materialism, consumerism and corporatism, conformity and all false knowledge.

I claim that we are the middle children of history, for many of you will never hold a pen in your hands so that you may write a page of today’s melting pot society. There’s no diversity, no individualism. Everywhere we walk, we are constantly seeking acceptance, and comradeship, and brotherhood and sisterhood, and association. Through this, we seek to execute all our basic freedoms, which are justified and given by evolution for simply being a member of the human race and a citizen of planet Earth. We seek to destroy any and all omnipresent chains binding us to the power and the prophet, the corrupted and the rotten, the wealthy and the wicked. We seek enlightenment, but not through callous smoke and blind faith, through spiritual truth and ecological unity, ecological truth and spiritual unity – and success throughout all walks of life. We seek to reach these unprecedented universal bounds with brethren who share our ideologies, our goals and beliefs, our hardships, struggles and battles, our oxygen, the pathways we tread and the tributaries we pour from. To achieve these bounds, we advocate mass education, reformism and revisionism, and anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, and through constant, never-ceasing vigilance, the combined effort to halt the exploitation of the working class, the Third World, and to end hunger, to secure common ownership and control of this world, our mind and our body, with the hope that every lost child of society can harness the tools they need within to become equal, to become free, and to expand upon the unbiased knowledge and perspective of all who shall contribute, so that they may shine like a newborn sun rising.

Comrades, I ask you only to join me on this path, and to assist our mutual mission. Whether you are a benefactor or malefactor to any or all ideologies of our sanctuary, you are welcome so long as you are willing to stand together under a socialist sky. Whether you were born in America, at the heart of the spectre of communism, behind the Iron Curtain, or the Motherland, you were born in Mesopotamia – and you are a comrade of mine, just as Che’s revolutionary guerrilla force were a comrade of Cuba, just as the oppressed peoples freed by Vladimir Lenin were a comrade of Russia! Align the ramparts and assemble, comrades, for if you are besieged, a proletariat sick from the diseases spread by the bourgeoisie and begging for a cure, you will find it if you allow your soul to become one, liberated vanguard spirit. Workers of the world, unite!

I will speak to you all again by May Day. Until then, ten thousand truths, comrades!

Always Yours, With Ever Vigilant Liberty,

John Marxist Nihil
International Marxist Tendency
Young Communist League
+ Grand Commissioner
+ Grand Cadre
+ PHORUM Head Administrator & Board Leader
+ PHORUM Group Founder

Vincent Stuart Jan-Olof Hammarstedt
+ PHOROCRACY Founder & Head Administrator
+ Commissioner of Public Intelligence

Red Star Red Star Red Star
Grand Commissioner
Grand Commissioner

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