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Post by Comrade Vince on 19th January 2012, 10:33 am

So... You wish to be one of my PHORSEC regulators, do you? Very well, very well indeed...

If that is so, then you shall know that I do not judge people lightly in this position, as it is a position of authority. I want discipline and good manners from all my regulators, and if you cannot stay calm in a situation where staying calm may seem difficult as opposed to it's alternatives: Then I suggest you stop wasting my time and sign up with the American marine corps.

Because here we have discipline, no shenanigans whilst regulating, you hear?! With the exception of April 1st, only a madman would denounce April 1st.

Now, let us speak of basic rules I demand my regulators to follow.

1: Always be courteous and direct. I expect all my regulators to be proper gentlemen and gentlewomen at all times. You are here to help people, not to boss them around like a bunch of feudal Tibetan serfs!

2: Help before punishment. If someone says or does something wrong, approach them using reason and intellect to help them understand, don't send them off to the Gulag. This is The Academy, not some skeevy second world banana republic!

3: Always provide guidance, and never look down upon others. If I get even one slight hint of elitism from any of you: You'll be out of here faster than common clutter in a de-pressurized aeroplane!

These are my rules, I expect you all to follow them. I do not take kindly to figures of authority that act like a bunch of common barnyard ruffians, you hear?!

Now, PM me if you're interested, all you need to do is to present your merits in a manner you see fit. I won't give you any forms, as your ability to articulate yourself is part of the evaluation.

So far I require one for each subforum, but more positions will open up as we expand, so still make sure to apply.
Comrade Vince
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