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Post by PHORUM on 11th January 2012, 1:00 pm

Welcome, comrades!

Phorumphorpl (Forum For People's Liberation) is a gathering of minds that share our ideology. Together, we commission, collaborate and commune.

The collective coterie is also known as the PHOR Community, or simply PHORUM.

We are a sanctuary for Marxist, Marxist-Leninist, Trotskyist and Maoist Socialist supporters and a debate group for the theoretical interpretation of Left politics. This includes communists, socialists, and freedom-fighters of the working class!

As you can see, the forum is well-established. However, there is still much work to be done. If you think you can assist the community with anything, email us.


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Unfortunately, the board will show advertisements, because free hosting has been generously provided by darkBB. We will move PHORUM to it's own domain with time and effort, and these ads will be removed.

To Our New Comrades
Many of the forums have been unlocked and are now open to the community. Feel free to post an Introduction and get yourself settled, lurk around a bit and get a feel for the community, and make some posts when you're ready.

The sections in The Enclave are currently locked until we accumulate new comrades.

Steam Group
Our Steam Group is open to anybody who wishes to join for updates, group events, and more. Make sure to check the Calendar as well.

We are looking for any active forumites and previously experienced members of PHORUM to become moderators of our sanctuary. As a moderator, you would be expected to uphold the tenants of the community and brandish your power with a just hand. Any member of the community is able to make a report for abuse of power. If you think you're up to the job, contact us.

The welcome message will be changed as new updates become needed.

Red Star We Recommend You Read The Following Threads:
+ The Future Commissions of PHORUM
+ Rules & Regulations
+ Public Leadership Bulletin

Happy posting, comrades!

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