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Soviet's Question/Inquisition Ticket Inbox Empty Soviet's Question/Inquisition Ticket Inbox

Post by Soviet on 21st January 2012, 5:12 pm

Comrades, hello!

As the Grand Commissioner of PHORUM, I am going to set up this "inbox", so that the General Assembly may freely question me and my personal life, my ideology and my beliefs system. If there's something you wish to contact me privately about, send me a personal message, I will try to be constantly forthright and informative in my responses.

Anything posted here that isn't specifically a question directed towards me, that inquires about my personal life, my ideology, my belief system or my opinions and thoughts will be deleted without notice. So, please don't post junk. Thank you.

Ask away, comrades. Red Star

PHORUM Grand Commissioner
"Practice what you preach to become what you believe." --Sov

Please, take a moment to read the threads below.
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+ Soviet's Question/Inquisition Ticket Inbox
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