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Alright, first, the weapons: (We can't use many lore-based weapons as the models are missing, but they got the effects/sounds of the weapons, so it'll be different names/appearances, but they'll contribute to the same atmosphere):

BlasTech AUTOCAN-54:
A laser machinegun, essentially. Eight barrels and an extreme rate of fire. Very expensive.

A slow-firing heavy blaster, actually found in the series as well. The model is not 100% accurate, but close enough. Seen in concept screenshot #1, held by The Duke (Guy on the left.).

An Imperial blaster rifle, semi-automatic with moderate damage.

Flame thrower:
Not much to say about it, it's a flame thrower. It's the same one found in one of the screenshots, and a weapon commonly used by the Imperial ANTIFECT and the The Obsidian Maw.

A weapon made as standard issue for the rebels. Higher rate of fire than the DQ-102, but less damage.

Industrial Laser Welder:
A high-rate and extremely accurate "blaster". But does little to no damage.

M-S Asura BLS 5:
A small, light-weight blaster pistol, high rate of fire, low damage and clip capacity. One of the most common and easily obtained blasters as the Empire allows regular traders to sell it.

M-S MRK-5:
An automatic blaster carbine adapted for mercenaries. Has a very high rate of fire and damage, but iffy accuracy. Ideal for close-quarters combat.

RPR 56:
The Imperial issued sidearm. A heavy blaster pistol with slow rate of fire, but packs a heavy hit. Intended to wound at first shot, and kill at the second. Ideal for crowd control where taking prisoners is optional.

RPR 65:
A viscous modification of the Imperial RPR 56. Alters their weapon to fire about seven times faster at half the damage. Greatly superior to the RPR 56, but also highly illegal.

Normally called "The Smuggler's Gun". It's a quick-firing blaster using a configuration similar to the GG-77. Intended for speedy chases where keeping the enemy pinned down whilst running down back-alleys is common.

The Tatooine Handcannon:
A heavy concussion rifle that delivers a highly dangerous projectile at almost light speed. Punches through most armour and almost kills someone instantly. Only problem is that you spend more time reloading it than you do firing it. Rendering it a very inferior weapon in a gunfight as opposed to high-speed weapons. Fired in a barrage, however: Will have fatal results.

A slow, but still rapidly firing weapon that produces three energy projectiles at once. Does a lot more damage than regular assault weapons, but at a much lower rate.

These are just the weapons I am finished with. There is potential for several more.

Melee weapons:
- Heavy Alusteel Knife:
Comes with the chef class. A heavy knife that deals moderate damage, not intended for combat, but still made to cut through flesh. Can also be bought from a shopkeep or a junk vendor.
- Durasteel Pipe:
A regular pipe, makes a nice, satisfying *clang* when you hit things with it. Also bought in common shops.
- Light Sabre: Comes in variated colors depending on if you're a sith or a jedi. Sadly, I can't get the sounds to work, but it's a very fast, high-damage weapon.
- Crowbar:
Just a regular crowbar.
- Fireaxe:
A common utility found in most public buildings. But could be used with highly sinister intentions.
- Fists:
An obligatory weapon all classes have at start, except for some droids.
- Sledge Hammer:
A primitive manner in which one can deal with their enemies. A heavy hammer that can crush just about anything. It's very slow in it's usage, however.
- Durasteel Bat:
A regular metallic bat. Commonly found in the hands of thugs as opposed to athletes.
- Inquisitor Axe:
The inquisitors needed an intimidating weapon, so I gave them axes.
- Chainsaw:
A heavy, noisy and brutal weapon. Commonly used by antifect and The Obsidian Maw, due to their brutal tactics.

I am also working on various combat knives, a pot, a spanner, a wrench and possibly a sith sword.

Special Weapons:
- Imperial Mech:
With the proper funds: The Imperial Colonel can deploy an imperial mech. Similar to the AT-ST. Equipped with lasers, gravitational probes, screamer projectiles, missiles and grenade launchers.
- IED:
The IED is a highly dangerous explosive device that can take down an imperial mech very swiftly, although it's tricky to approach a mech and actually plant it. It's also highly volatile and could detonate if dropped or ignited with a blaster, as well when proximal to the detonation of another IED or similar explosion. Just as the mech is exclusive to the imperials. This device is only found amongst rebels and bounty hunters.

- Wrist-Mounted Rocket Launcher:
This is a work in progress, but this will allow you to fire a missile at the palm of your hand. Highly dangerous at that. But futile against a mech since it can't bypass the shields.


The Citizen is the most basic class, has little to few perks, but it has several opportunities.

Citizen > Shopkeep: The shopkeep sells basic components such as medkits, armor injectors, simple weapons and tools.

Proprietor: Sells food and spirits and items needed to run a bar, tavern or cantina.

Stormtrooper: The basic stormtrooper class, based on the police class in regular DarkRP. But better, since I made it.

Imperial Colonel: The colonel is in charge of the stormtroopers. He can also commission special items and means for the stormtroopers. Such as vehicles and weapons. The Mech and AUTOCAN-54, for instance.

Inquisitor: The inquisitor keeps the people in check. They're able to deploy remote-controlled spy drones to spy on people. They also have an axe, which is somewhat noteworthy.

ANTIFECT: Due to the failed Sith alchemy resulting in undead beings roaming various condemned Sith academies and chemical plants, these men are supposed to clear out the infected. Probably the most heavily armed of the classes. They lack the jurisdiction to be urban authority in non-restricted areas, however.

Grand Inquisitor: The grand inquisitor is the biggest role of authority in the sector. They hold the ability to dictate the laws of the city, as well as declare martial law and command the inquisitors.

Hired Gun: The hired guns are the bodyguards available for hire, and also the first step to bounty hunting.

Bounty Hunter (The bounty hunter's guild): The bounty hunter's guild is the more ethical choice for a bounty hunter. Following tenets assured to help both the hunter and the quarry. This group is intended for Lawful Good characters.

Bounty Hunter (The Obsidian Maw): Intergalactic Privateers, used to be greater and much more ruthless before The Duke removed the greater part of their organization during a personal vendetta. Leaving only one chapter alive as they agreed to peace once and for all. This group is intended for Chaotic Evil characters.

Bounty Hunter (Freelancer): An unaligned bounty hunter, free to carry out contracts as he or she pleases. It is common code, however, not to kill fellow freelancers. This group is intended for all moral statures.

Red Arrow Soldier: The Red Arrows are the local rebel chapter in the area. Their soldiers can either wear uniform for active fighting, or common clothes for going undercover and blend in the crowd. Their primary enemies are the inquisitors.

Red Arrow Captain: The Red Arrow Captains hold authority over the soldiers. They can commission weapons and explosives if needed.

Red Arrow Elite: The Red Arrow Elite are like regular soldiers, only with special abilities such as stealth and planting bombs.

Smuggler: The smuggler sells illegal items, such as restricted weapons and drugs. This character will look identical to the merchant in order to keep a low profile, as suggested by Yogi The Wise. One of the prominent participants, and also a good friend of mine.

Junk Vendor: Sells vehicles and tools.

Re-Textured ANTIFECT Model:

That is all for now. I'll update more later.
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