Infraction Ticket Template

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Infraction Ticket Template

Post by Soviet on 7th February 2012, 12:10 pm

All infractions made on the PHORUM Board MUST be dealt the following Infraction Ticket. Do not modify this format; this is not an optional template. Thank you.

Penalized Member wrote:Please, quote the thread that is being ticketed.

The content of this thread is considered a/an <INFRACTION TYPE HERE>, as defined by our Rules & Regulations.

ATTENTION: Please include a link the R&R!

Rules & Regulations <SECTION X, Part X or Line X> wrote:Please, quote the appropriate rule from the R&R.

It is classified as a <LEVEL OF OFFENSE HERE>, and <COUNTER-ACTION BEING TAKEN>. Please refrain from <INFRACTION DETAILS HERE> in the future. Thank you.

If you think this ticket was issued unlawfully, you can ask a Regulator you trust for more information on the PHORUM Rules & Regulations.

Happy posting!

Here's a list of possibilities for the various <TAGGED> fields.

(Section A, Part I) Profanity
(Section A, Part II) Slander
(Section A, Part III) Internet Mischief
(Section B, Part IV) Explicit Media
(Section B, Part V) Illegal Media
(Section B, Part VI) Preaching
(Section C, Part VII) Abuse of Power
(Section C, Part VIII) Impersonation
(Section C, Part IX) Advertising

(Line 1) Double Posting
(Line 2) Junk Post or Junk Reply
(Line 3) Excessively Large Post Description
(Line 4) Absence of Appropriate Quote Tags
(Line 5) Wrong Section
(Line 6) Abuse of Power Report Abuse
(Line 7) General Mischief

** Do not include the section within the brackets for <INFRACTION TYPE>!

<SECTION x, Part x OR Line x>
Section A (Part I, II or III)
Section B (Part IV, V or VI)
Section C (Part VII, VIII or IX)
Section D (Line 1-7)

Level 1 Offense
Level 2 Offense
Level 3 Offense
Level 4 Offense

Sentenced To The Gulag!
Protocol [IP] Ban

PHORUM Grand Commissioner
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